Missing Pieces

Homo Homini Lupus Est

My, Calla, what big teeth you have!

If you are reading this, it means that I haven’t checked in for a few months and my information release program was activated. Or you managed to hack your way in here. Or you left a back door in the encryption program and are taking a peek. Either way it doesn’t matter. The blog’s not going to cut it anymore. Too much I can’t put out there yet. I get the feeling it would be bad for me.

So life’s been weird lately. And a bit illegal, but that’s nothing compared to the weird. If you’re reading this you probably also know about the kidney thefts, and how we caught one of the people involved. So, after we caught that bitch, we called up the Alchemist (his number was in Skunky’s phone) to tell him that the Surgeons stole the kidney he’d been looking for. And while we were being “interviewed” by the cops that next week, we heard about a break-in at the hospital, which turned out to be him sending some guys to steal it back. Didn’t work, though. I’ll get to why later.

But anyway, during the week, Kyle did a lot of extra work as a volunteer at the old folks home. I mean, we got the bitch, but there was still the Alchemist, and Calla still needed closure. And answers. Or maybe I needed answers? Anyway, Kyle heard about an old Spanish man who stays on the fifth floor, Arnau Villanova…which was one “de” away from the ancient alchemist those symbols were associated with. So we paid him a visit. He wasn’t surprised to see us at all, once we introduced ourselves. The weird thing is, Calla got so interested in his alchemy stuff that she didn’t really want to hurt him. Old guy kept insisting that alchemy and sympathetic magic were perfectly valid sciences, just marginalized by their association with pre-Enlightenment thinking. Still not sure what I think about that.

Anyway, he said there was some kind of strong life force in Calla’s blood, and that he thought her kidney could mystically filter the effects of aging from him, letting him survive far longer using it than he could with ordinary human organs. Oh, right, the guy really is like six hundred years old, according to him. He might be a little crazy, but he’s not totally lying. He showed us a thing with Calla’s blood, which was so full of life that it exploded out of the container. That surprised him, because her blood wasn’t that… energetic… last time he checked it. Later on we found out why.

The Surgeons were keeping a demon in the basement of the hospital. That’s right. A demon. Apparently they exist. The Alchemist’s minions found that out during the break-in. It turns out that it might not have been a good idea to go have a look…but we went to have a look anyway.

There was a magic circle on the floor, and Calla’s kidney was nailed to it, opposite some dried up hearts. We didn’t get to look at it much, because then the bitch found us. She came in with a gun, but that wasn’t the worst part. It was her magic circle, and I guess she was pulling power through it? She said it was from the demon, but Calla was getting weak too, so that had to stop. Calla got… mad. I mean really, really mad. And then she, well, shit. She’s a werewolf. There, I wrote it. Not one of those cryptids that can actually exist, but a fucking werewolf. She got big. And furry, and her teeth… I’ve never felt like food before. I think all of us almost ran, but we Screen shot 2013 02 28 at 10.54.50 ammanaged to stick around while Calla savaged the bitch. We tried our best to stay out of her way. We did help a little. We threw stuff at her, to distract her. Kyle took her gun. Oh, and the mirrors in the room broke, and we started to see things. Like the demon, who looked like a swarm of flies (pestilence demon) and the little stream of fire going from the kidney to the bitch’s necklace. The bitch told Kyle to shoot Calla, and he tried, but it didn’t seem to do anything. I think she may have put the whammy on him, cause her voice got all spooky, and he had a weird zombie face thing going on.

Then I pulled the nail out of the kidney (boy, was it stuck in there) and the bitch just passed out. At first I thought Calla had managed to kill her, cause she was bleeding from her nose, ears and eyes. Then I saw the flies. Also coming from her nose, ears, and eyes. Eww.

Calla de-furred, and went back up to the maintenance closet. To gather her thoughts and keep a lookout, I think. The demon, well, he offered us power (whatever the hell “power” is) to leave the bitch in the circle. Oh, it was tempting. Not the power thing, I mean, yeah, a bit, but I really didn’t want to give this thing anything that it wanted, you know? But getting rid of the bitch? I almost voted for leaving her down there, in the dark (but outside of the circle). I’m really not sure what I think about that.
We didn’t, though. Left her in the closet, Jim trailed some of her blood to a place where people would find her, and we left.
I don’t know if it helped. She’s gone now.



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