Elizabeth Call

Pretty. Cruel. Kidney Thief.


Quote: “I don’t know if I feel comfortable going back to your place…but I have a room upstairs.”
“I said hand me the scalpel, you skunk-haired fuck.”
Description: Full of energy, athletic, and quick-witted, Beth is almost the archetype of the overachieving, socially-successful college girl. Her brown, shoulder length hair frames a classically beautiful face with full lips and an easy smile. Only her deep amber eyes give her away, always seeming to look down at the object of her attention. When the mask comes down, the smile disappears, and the pretty face is distorted with rage or disgust, like she can’t believe how inferior the rest of the world is.


Elizabeth Call’s father was already gone when the girl was born, and her mother decided the girl would be the last mistake she ever made with her life. Elizabeth was raised to succeed, but with little love. Mostly able to hide her near-sociopathy throughout her teen years, she continued to college in her home town so she wouldn’t have to leave her carefully constructed social network behind. She’s pre-med at her mother’s insistence, but finds classes almost too easy. She keeps herself amused by using other people for her own fun or profit.

Current Activities: Trying to appear as the victim, according to her lawyers’ plans. While she’s simply connected to too much criminal activity (organ trafficking, assault, connections to the city’s drug trade) to get off completely free, it’s unlikely all of the charges will stick.

Elizabeth Call

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