Sketchy. Dealer. Coward.


Quotes: “Hey, I’m no dealer. But I do know a guy…” “Hey, I was only in on it for the money.”

Description: His hair’s styled almost to death, bleached and blackened and bleached again into a striped mess. He pinches at the air with his fingers like a senile smoker chasing after a phantom cigarette. His vaguely glam-rock faux-British cadence gives him a sort of Velvet Underground vibe. His skin looks smoke-dried and rough-worn like a sofa. His body language feels worn out despite his crisp hip-hop pants and striped, angular shirt. Red rims ring his eyes. His fingers are nicotine yellow.


Ben’s a savvy guy diluted by drugs. Back when he was supposedly attending classes at the state college, he spent his nights with a crew of insidious, soft-handed drug dealers peddling to suburban partygoers, club chicks and frat boys. Ben met all of these people through his love of skateboarding and dancing, and he got in good with the dealers by being smart and loyal but witless. At first Ben was just a delivery guy, taking cardboard boxes full of single-hit bags to this underground warehouse rave or that. By the end of that first summer, he was also helping them mix up some new stuff, a steroid designed to appeal to the all-night party crowd. A year later, Ben was following a recipe to make his own stuff, and his beloved designer-drug crew had moved on to another city without him (he thinks they’re in Tokyo). Ben was disappointed, but he thinks of himself as having “made it” since he’s really one of them, now. He’s the guy they chose to take on their mantle in this town. With the new drug, Rush, he’s expanded operations into more violent crime. If you’re already harvesting human organs, it’s not a big step to murder.

Current Activities: After a cooperative effort with Beth Call went terribly wrong, Ben gave up everything he knew about the operation before skipping town. His recorded conversations, cell phone, and circumstantial evidence are enough to put him away for a long time…and without the power of his connections, he won’t last a month in prison. He’s considering rejoining his old crew in Japan, but thinks maybe he’d do better settling into some other small Midwestern city’s drug network. After all, he thinks he remembers the old guy’s formula for Rush.


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