Otaku. Conspiracy Enthusiast.


Her online identity is a series of icons that resemble eyes, usually those of recognizable animated characters. She makes her presence known in both anime and conspiracy forums, and doesn’t bother to filter her opinions on one subject in the forums of the other subject.

Quotes: “Aww, do you feel sad that you just had your rhetorical ass handed to you by Pinkie Pie?” -in an argument over her chosen handle and icon on


Sharon has been active in Bigfoot and cryptozoology communities online for awhile, sharing whatever strange things she finds on her camping trips, and her theories about wildmen in the Colorado Rockies. After a particularly interesting post containing trees adorned with surprisingly regular claw marks, she received a simple link in reply: “What are your chances of surviving an intense lovemaking session with bigfoot?”
This led to an argument with the troll that lasted until 10AM the next morning, delaying Sharon’s proposed trip by a day. The trip never ended up happening, as Sharon’s proposed camping location was the target of a search for a pair of hikers that had disappeared earlier that week.
The troll, sarcasticObserver, never let up, seemingly appearing at random in conspiracy communities where Sharon posted, always mocking someone’s theory to bait them into an argument that the troll would then turn out to have at least some evidence to back up.
Sharon eventually got past the troll’s abrasive exterior, far too interested in where all this information was coming from. Turns out that while sO knows a lot, is perfectly willing to be friends, and is almost eager to share plenty of strange information, she’ll reveal nothing about her sources.


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