Missing Pieces

The Scorpion and the Toad

or "Where's my kidney, bitch?"

From the journal of detective Morgan Appleton

That nosy girl from the university came in today. Seems like the vic in the last Surgeon case was a good friend of hers. Ended up with the closed cases related to my investigation. The Hillcrest murders, including the first one. This girl can see it’s related, why can’t the brass?
Hell, she’s probably smarter than most of the brass, had some cover story about a statistical analysis project that I swear used an eight-syllable word. Obviously she’s interested in the weird shit, so I told her there were things that didn’t make it to the report. Girl promised to buy me a beer if I’d meet up with her and tell her more.
Raised the price to a few beers, but told her and her friends almost everything weird about the case. The symbols from that 16th century alchemy book, the report of that shadowy man with the glowing thing around his neck, and the fact that virtually the same murders have been happening every five years for the past fifty.
They think these cases and their friend’s attack are connected. I had to leave for professional reasons, but I hear they later found out that there’s somebody the hoods call “The Alchemist,” and that The Surgeons actually stole that poor girl’s kidney before it could reach him.
What the fucking fuck? No wonder people end up dead poking around in this case…

Chat between Sharon and sarcasticObserver

sarcasticObserver: SP1LL!! why were u old people going 2 a r4ve?
covertIlluminator: Wait, I’m old? ;)
sarcasticObserver: no one ov3r 30 3V3R goes to 4 rave unless they’re a cr33per, everyb0dy knows th4t
sarcasticObserver: u were UP 2 SOM3THING!
covertIlluminator: Hey, I’m not… quite… over 30!
covertIlluminator: And yes, we were up to something.
covertIlluminator: You remember my friend, C? The one who got her kidney stolen?
sarcasticObserver: the d0c with the d0g, y4
covertIlluminator: Well get this, we found the guys who did it! Well, girl, really, but she had the guy’s help.
sarcasticObserver: the f4ux-Br1t looking guy who tot4lly proves my ^point?
covertIlluminator: Yeah, Skunky. He was totally a dealer. But he was helping pick out targets. Killed some people, too.
sarcasticObserver: 4nd who’s t3h ch1xx0r?
covertIlluminator: Some med student. She was in C’s class awhile back, and I guess that’s why she didn’t kill her? Anyway, she took the kidney out.
covertIlluminator: We happened to find out that they were going to be at the rave.
sarcasticObserver: so u used the v4st youth cultural kn0wlege of dear sw33t Observer to try desp3rately to go und3rc0ver?
sarcasticObserver: ;)
sarcasticObserver: Or 4t least not look l1ke total n4rcs?
covertIlluminator: Well, yeah. I mean, since we’re so old and all. ;)
covertIlluminator: Needed an expert in the young and crazy stuff.
covertIlluminator: <sighs> Kids these days
covertIlluminator: With their mesh shirts and glowing body paint and loud parties…
sarcasticObserver: jk, I bet u looked hot :-p now stop try1n to sound anc13nt and t3ll m3 wh4t h4pp3ned!!
sarcasticObserver: I know sh1t w3nt down n3ar th3re
covertIlluminator: Oh?
covertIlluminator: Well, I guess it was in the news somewhere?
sarcasticObserver: Y34h, but u got the r34l story :)
covertIlluminator: Anyway, yeah. So we went to the rave, danced a bit, and found the guys we were looking for.
covertIlluminator: C got really pissed off when she saw the chick. I mean seriously. She SNAPPED at me when I tried to stop her from going over to take a swing at her.
covertIlluminator: She finally got her memory back, I guess. :(
sarcasticObserver: d0g 34t d0g, fair reacti0n
covertIlluminator: Guess so. Man, her teeth looked sharp, though. Trick of the light, I guess, cause they looked normal later. But still. Never saw her get that mad before. But it was pretty useful later on.
sarcasticObserver: what you 1m4gine might b3 more tru3 than what u s33, s0metimes
covertIlluminator: Guess so.
covertIlluminator: Anyway, I noticed that the chick had a target. Some random dude. She was already making eyes at him
sarcasticObserver: who s4ys m4king 3y3s anymore? seriously, sOOO old
covertIlluminator: <eyeroll> She was all “come hither and let me cut out your organs.” Better? :D
sarcasticObserver: y3s. at least th4t was a little po3tic. continu3 :)
covertIlluminator: Glad you approve. :)
covertIlluminator: Anyway, I stole him. The random dude. Got all grindy with him, while my friend K hit on the chick
covertIlluminator: And it worked. She invited K back to her place
sarcasticObserver: if th1s ends w1th ‘4nd th3y all b4ng3d happily ev3r after’…
sarcasticObserver: g3t to the stuff that got the cop c4rs sent!
covertIlluminator: Man, kids are so impatient these days! I didn’t even get to how J beckoned me away from my new fling with the crook of a finger.
covertIlluminator: And how me and C latched onto his arms to follow the chick
sarcasticObserver: ok4y, h3’s a cool guy :)
covertIlluminator: :D
sarcasticObserver: u may continu3
covertIlluminator: Why thank you :)
covertIlluminator: So yeah, he gave me the come-hither, and he had a lady on each arm. But we had to split up so he could follow Skunky
covertIlluminator: Chick tried to get K to take some drug. She said it was for stamina, but we knew better.
covertIlluminator: So they got to her car, and Skunky jumped him
covertIlluminator: Well, tried to.
covertIlluminator: K’s really good at boxing :)
sarcasticObserver: i do so l0ve it wh3n boys wr4ssle
covertIlluminator: heh, yeah.
covertIlluminator: So we all jumped in. We were like vigilantes, man. It was kinda fun.
covertIlluminator: I threw a brick at the chick, and it bounced off the front window and hit her. Then she ducked into the car
covertIlluminator: C got to the car, and opened the door. If she’d actually gotten in the car with the chick, I’d almost feel sorry for the chick.
sarcasticObserver: h34rd the b1tch got her nose brok3n
covertIlluminator: heh, yeah, that’s a great story.
covertIlluminator: See, I jumped on the car and broke the window with my elbow. Then I maced the bitch right in the face.
covertIlluminator: She tried to get out the passenger side, cause K and Skunky were fighting it out on her side.
covertIlluminator: So C just, kinda, slammed the door on her face.
covertIlluminator: :D
sarcasticObserver: d4mn, g1rl :)
covertIlluminator: I know! I mean, the timing was just perfect. Then J got there and tackled Skunky, and I grabbed his gun (Skunky’s) and then the fight stopped.
covertIlluminator: Cause, you know, gun shoved in the bad guy’s back
sarcasticObserver: aw3some! and th3 cops 4ren’t giving u any trouble?



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