Missing Pieces

Nothing Good Happens After 2AM

A prologue in which Sharon's a little too happy at weird things happening to her friend.

March 14, 2013

This one’s gonna be short, I gotta get back to the hospital.

You’re not going to believe this, it finally happened. A real-life urban legend! My friend C woke up in a hotel bathtub. That on its own is pretty unusual for her. She’s a bit shy, not one for waking up in strange people’s rooms. And here’s the kicker: she was missing a kidney. This was a classic case, everything was just like you read about. Cheap hotel chain, bathtub full of ice, phone nearby, door unlocked… really pretty polite of the guy (or girl) when you leave out the whole stealing a kidney thing. She was even all stitched up. Pretty nice job of it, too. Whoever did it knew what they were doing.

She doesn’t remember much, just the flash of someone looming over her (she had a flashback of someone standing over her and cutting into her when she woke up and saw her doctor) and someone slapping a chloroform rag over her face. We’re gonna look for clues while she recovers.

March 22, 2013

C’s out of the hospital earlier than they expected. The doctors say she should be fine with only one kidney, as long as she makes a couple minor modifications to her diet, so that’s good. We got a few leads, but I’m not sure how helpful they’ll be. K remembered a piece of Eurotrash at the bar where we work. He’s been hanging around, kind of shady, probably a dealer. But he was watching C that night, so there may be something there. Problem is, C remembers a woman grabbing her, and J found a woman’s footprint by C’s car. Now I’m not going to ignore the possibility that Eurotrash and this woman were working together, but it’s gonna make it tough to figure it out.

I found out (with a little help) that C’s not the first kidney theft in the area. There have been some within the past two years within a few blocks of an old folks’ home, the Hillcrest Center for Elder Living. Problem is that they were also murdered, and that bugs me. I mean, I’m glad C’s ok, but that might mean something bigger is going on? Or maybe kidneys are a hot item on the black market? Why would someone who killed his victims suddenly go to keeping them alive? I don’t know, but I’ll do some digging, maybe check out the police records.



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