Missing Pieces

No Pressure

Death, death, and more death. Also, additional death.

Ok, so we might all die tomorrow. I mean it. We’re up against something that tore apart two experienced werewolves. This shit’s getting scary. Outline time again, cause I’m on watch and uploading this with my phone.

The police asked us about the break in. No evidence but a glimpse of us on a security camera, going into the alley.

Met Matt’s daughter, Jessica. Psychic, might floof some day. If it’s activated by trauma and anger, probably soon.

Met up later at The Peg. Got to know Jessica

Helped Matt and Jessica with social services breathing down their necks. The investigation we triggered should last till Jessica is 18. Not that it matters anymore. But it WAS damn fine work.

Got a call from Jessica. The pack is dead. Something after her.

Drove out there, met her under a bridge. Matt’s dead, another possession thing. I don’t want the details to get out, so not putting in any.

We ran. Well, drove. Jim drove. He’s really good at it. You know, ambulance driver and all.

The thing chased us. So did a cop. Same cop who took Jessica to a church basement. Where the Thing killed Karl and Susan.

Got another cop to meet us at a gas station. Poor Officer Donut. Smith. I mean Smith.

The other cop, Cooper, was possessed (big surprise). He shot Officer Donut. Smith.

The Thing attacked, we fought it, kinda.

The gas station fucking BLEW UP.

Car landed on Kyle, but he’s ok.

Other car landed on Officer Donut, but he’s ok too. Look, it’s an affectionate nickname. Dude came to help us and got shot.

Kyle stabbed the Thing with rebar (where did he get that? Did the explosion shake some loose?)

We went to the church basement. Pretty dark down there. Emotionally, I mean.

Found a pendant that seals the spirit world? Not sure, exactly, but if we kill the spirit with it active, it might kill it for good.

So we’re gonna do it at the pack’s locus. Big cave, Calla can do stuff with the rocks, and no worries about the church (another locus) falling down on us.

Heading to Coyote Falls in the morning.

Shit’s getting real.



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