Missing Pieces

Field Trip

And now Jim is a horse.


So… this is one entry I really hope doesn’t get out at the wrong time. Cause there’s some illegal stuff in here. That seems to be a theme lately.

Ok, so the archaeology department sometimes has these little events to show off their new acquisitions. There’s always some interesting stuff there, especially when they have the wrong idea about an artifact. You know, like thinking that a primitive painting of a sasquatch is really just the symbolic representation of a nature spirit or something. But more important, there’s always food. Usually a cute little buffet table with egg rolls (oh the egg rolls!), spinach dip (yum!), cookies, that sort of thing. I dragged Calla to the event so I could grab some snacks for movie night. Because I am a food ninja! And seriously, you should taste those egg rolls when I’ve done a little work to them!

The artifacts on display were a bit more varied than usual. We had the usual pile to Native American stuff. but we also had some stuff from Sumeria and Egypt. One of the artifacts caused a fight. Well, maybe a tiff. I overheard one of our Native American specialist professors defending the authenticity of a rock to another guy. Turns out, that was actually relevant. The rock, not the tiff. Something called an Uktena stone.

I made the guys watch Pi. They weren’t nearly as impressed as I was.

There was another relevant artifact, by the way. A knife. Silver blade, bone handle. It got stolen, along with some other stuff. The knife is relevant because I’m the one who stole it. Not that I meant to. I was possessed. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean, on the one hand I was violated. On the other hand, I don’t remember it. So, I guess, I’m offended, but not traumatized?

Kinda helps that the knife is pretty cool. It, er, makes wind? Blows things? Yeah, let’s just leave it at that for now. I still need to check it out some more anyway. Maybe I can figure out how it works.

Aaanyway, Calla caught me hiding the knife. Yeah, I hid it. I panicked. Turns out that a lot of stuff went missing that night. And since it wasn’t in my apartment, and it all disappeared when the moonlight hit it, well, there was some Weird Shit going on. But gut reaction is to hide it, you know?

So we decided to get the Scooby Gang together. We’re a Scooby Gang now. I’m not sure if it’s cool. But it IS interesting. Since Calla’s a werewolf (still not sure how that works, but I think she’s looking into it), she can see into the spirit world. Which apparently exists? Seriously, when will something I believe in turn out to exist?

Anyway, this is getting long, so I’m going to reduce it down to the basics.

  • There was a paranoia spirit in my kitchen. Yeah, I know, big surprise. Calla got rid of it. I think she annoyed it away.
  • We went out to see Jim’s grandmother at the reservation, since we thought she might be able to figure something out.
  • The shaman found out I’d been possessed by a coyote spirit. He sold me a necklace to help keep him out. I’m pretty sure it actually works. Alsom Kyle is not lucky and I apparently am. Not sure about that, since I’m the one who got possessed, but Kyle and I agree that the shaman’s probably right.
  • Jim’s grandmother told us about a deal that his tribe made with the spirits. Power and transformation in exchange for fighting the weird shit. And now that Jim was all up in the weird shit, so to speak, it was destiny.
  • Then Jim became a horse.
  • Yup. A horse.
  • Guess I should explain that one.
  • I don’t want to disrespect it with my usual snark, so here it goes. We got to attend the ceremony. It was pretty neat, with a big fire in the middle and everyone sitting around chanting and singing. At one point, the shaman chased Jim with a whip, like for horses. A sort of symbolic chase, I think. Then Jim RAN. He ran out of the tent, and into the night. When the sun came up, he was a horse. A real one. I guess werehorses have it easier than werewolves.
  • So, armed with our new horse and some info about Coyote spirits, we went to the most likely place near the university where a possession-happy trickster spirit might hang out.
  • We decided on drunken frat boys, so, unfortunately, we went to Shooters.
  • I mean, it’s not TERRIBLE, but The Peg is better. You should go try it.
  • And there were werewolves there. At Shooters, I mean.
  • Local pack, Luna’s Pride.
  • 3 members: Matt, Karl, Susan
  • Pretty decent people, really. Little, uh, temperamental. But hey, werewolves.
  • They were after the coyote spirit too.
  • Long story short, we teamed up, caught the spirit.
  • Bad news, this morning, we got called to the police station for questioning.



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